Tobias Sterling
Senior Associate - Lynd & Carter
Tobias Sterling
  • I know you've probably been busy with moving and your new little sister, but I just wanted to see if you needed anything.
  • Yeah, it's been kind of nuts. Thanks again for helping me find a place so quickly, but I'm fine!
  • Not a problem. Your Mom said a while back that her plan was to get you your own place by your 21st, but you stuck around longer than she thought.
  • That suddenly explains all of her sneaky questions about what I wanted to do when the baby came.
  • Yeah, I've been compiling a list of properties for a while.
  • Always prepared for the random real estate needs of us Nika women, huh?
  • Hah, something like that! I take it your first few weeks have been good?
  • Perfect, actually. Plus I can just walk down the street when I get homesick.
  • I know that wasn't on your list of must-haves, but I figured that would be more of a pro than a con.
  • Definitely a pro. What black magic did you work to find me something such a perfect distance away from my old house?
  • It came onto the market a few weeks before you reached out to me, so I think it's fate.
  • Well, you're definitely invited when I finally have a housewarming. Seriously, you're the best, Toby.
  • Anytime, Z. Don't tell anyone, but you and your Mom have always been my favorite clients.
  • Haha your secret's safe with me.